Quality is non-negotiable at HEXSOL. We use best in class raw materials from reputed suppliers like Hulamin, Nikie Siam, Hydro and Sapa to ensure consistency in our products. Our quality department conduct rigorous quality and performance checks right from the receipt of raw material to the final stage of production and packaging as per IS 7611:1993 guidelines.We are a certified ISO/TS 16949 company. In addition quarterly internal audits are organized to continuously validate our processes. Training programmes and workshops are conducted at regular intervals to improve the skills and productivity of our employees. All the heat exchanger produced undergo following test to ensure quality and reliability:

Test Specification Norm Frequency
Visual examination -- Free from manufacturing defect such as dents etc Every Unit
Pressure test Air Pressure at twice the cap pressure for one minute No leakage from radiator Every Unit
Leakage test for filler neck Air pressure up to 5KPa below main valve opening pressure No leakage from radiator Every Unit
Dimensions -- As per IS 7611 : 1993 Every Lot

In addition we conduct the following test while designing new parts or modifying the existing parts.

Test Specification Norm
Vibration test Frequency 25 hertz
Amplitude 1.2 mm
No leakage, crack or noticeable failure
Pressure impulse test 1.5 times operating pressure for 10,000 cycles with water in tank and air for cyclic pressure impulse. Cycle time b/w 5-10 seconds No leakage, crack or noticeable failure
Heat dissipation performance As per IS 13687 : 1993 As per customer requirements