Automotive and Farm Tractors

We design and manufacture extensive range of aluminium radiators, coolant tanks, heater core and condensers for automotive application. Our library contains more than 200 assembled radiators catering to segments like passenger cars, tractors, SUV, MUV, LCV and HCV. We are a major after market player and also work with OEM’s in the sector.

Industrial Engine Cooling

We manufacture Aluminium Brazed Heat exchanger in variety of sizes suitable for Diesel generators ranging for 2 KVA to 125 KVA. We have designed heat exchanger with suitable heat transfer for few players in the industry. These heat exchangers provide a cost effective and efficient replacement to copper brass heat exchangers.

Building HVAC&R

Parallel flow condensors worldwide are fast replacing the conventional CTAF condenser due to better heat transfer and corrosion resistance properties in addition to being smaller and lighter. HEXSOL realizing its potential became the first Indian Company to design and developed parallel flow condensors for Building HVAC&R application. The product has been tested and validated and is set to replace the CTAF condensor.